Catherine Palace
Palace Exterior - Palace Interior - Gardens

Tsarky Selo lies about 40 minutes south of St. Petersburg. The name of the town translates into Tsar's Village. The Catherine Palace was built by Catherine I, but has had several changes since then. Most recently, it was destroyed in World War 2, and has since undergone a massive restoration. Despite this, a relatively small portion of the palace is open to the public.

The length of the palace is impressive - it seems to go on to the horizon.

The interiors are at times overwhelming with their opulence. One somewhat humorous addition to each room is a sign showing the room soon after World War 2 (destroyed), and in its current restored state. Though at first this is dramatic, toward the end of the palace it becomes humorous as all of the "before" pictures look exactly the same.

The grounds around the Catherine Palace contains gardens and some other (much smaller) buildings.