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How these photo pages were created


Photography has been a hobby of mine since 1995. That is when I purchased my first camera - a Samsung Maxima Zoom 105. It turned out to be a fantastic point and shoot 35mm camera. Compared to modern cameras, it is fairly bulky, but at the time it was a fine size.

Around 1998 I moved into the digital camera age, with a first generation $60 640x480 no-name camera. The pictures were awful, it had no LCD display, no flash, and ate batteries after about 15-20 pictures. But it was small and convenient.

In 2000 I upgraded to a $150 HP 1-2 megapixel camera. Picture quality was ok, but it ate through batteries as well.

Neither of these cameras produced very good pictures for prints. During this time I still used the Samsung camera for 'real' pictures.

In 2004 I received a Canon S400 as a gift, and that is when I truly started to enjoy digital photography. Great picture quality. Compact. Great battery life (?150+ pictures). 4 megapixels. I loved everything about this camera!

Around that time, I became interested in sharing photos on the web. In 2005 I purchased a Nikon LS-2000 film scanner to digitize my favorite negatives.

It scans at 2700dpi, which creates a 9-10 megapixel image. Very nice quality. Although I did try Vuescan software with it, I wound up preferring the included Nikon software for its overall ease of use.

In late 2007, my Canon S400 camera starting to malfunction - the LCD began showing a purple color, and some pictures even showed some bad colors. In 2008 I upgraded to the Canon SD950.


Compact, 12 megapixels, and optical image stabilization. (Notice the blur on the camera picture - it was taken with the older S400).

I have become interested in Geo-tagging - marking photos with location information. For this I have the QStarz BT-1000P travel recorder. About the size of a small pager, I can just turn it on, and it will log where I go. It has included software to match up location information with pictures I take.



I have only used point and shoot cameras, so there isn't too much to the technique of my photos. I did find a technique for shooting in museums, though. On the S400, I would go into the Manual mode, and select no flash, with an ISO 400. As long as I could hold the camera still, inside (museum) pictures tended to develop ok.


The overall website was designed on Microsoft Frontpage, which is now discontinued. The photoalbums were created with JAlbum - very versatile, free, and highly recommended!